Fairview Massage & Bodywork Therapy - Dena Frizsell, LMBT
I am a retired physician who was born with congenital spine problems complicated by a life of heavy lifting and sports.  I did not realize how far I had slipped structurally until Dena approached me in a restaurant one evening and asked to talk about the problems she was seeing with my body carriage.  I was so astonished at the improvement following my first treatment with her that, as I descended the stairs from her office I realized that stairs were no longer a problem for me.  During the few visits I had with her, Dena resolved my structural problems and instructed me on how to maintain my posture at home.  Fantastic improvement.  
David S Urion, DC - Black Mountain, NC

I am a  54 year old woman who was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 13.  At that time, the usual treatment plan was surgery.  My mother did not want to take the risk that having surgery might bring so we elected to try a new technique wearing what is called a “Milwaukee Brace”.  This was to enable, over time, the correction of  the curvature by pads and steel bars as guides.  The picture below is actually me wearing the brace at 14 years old.  I wore it for two years.
Brace used to correct scoliosis.Colleen Bradley photoEven though my back was never completely straight, I didn’t have a great deal of pain until later years…..past my 20’s.  I never could dance for long periods of time and shopping all day was difficult.  After the birth of my first child, I couldn’t walk without pain.  I saw a Chiropractor regularly and had my second child 13 months later.  Life became increasingly difficult lifting babies and bending over for baths.  I was in constant pain and had headaches daily.  If my head didn’t hurt then my lower back always felt as if it had a “catch” in it that would take your breath away.  It got to where the Chiropractor wasn’t working, and if I missed a weekly appointment I was right back to square one.
When I started coming to Dena Frizsell, I won’t lie to you...it was uncomfortable at first each time during the session, but I noticed, because of that session, I felt better.  Each session got easier and easier.  Within 4 months I was pain free.  I could walk for hours in the mall with my teenaged daughter. I slept better at night.  My headaches went away!  I used to have a Velcro vest I wore to stabilize my lower back so that I could function with less pain….I no longer wear it.  It made perfect sense to me that the muscles being pulled by the bones in the wrong direction is what should be altered,  not just adjusting the bones. Without correcting the muscles that are pulling the bones, you will be fighting a constant battle. Dena’s expertise have given me my freedom.  I used to worry all the time what I would do when I  got older.  I could see myself in a wheelchair at some point.   IT WORKS!  Colleen Bradley - Asheville, NC

I sit in front of a computer for at least eight hours every day, and have done so for more than eleven years.  Sitting all day, typing, and looking down to fill out paperwork has taken a toll on my neck and back.  I began seeing Dena Frizsell several months ago.  Prior to seeing Dena, I had headaches every single day.  I often found that I would take anywhere from 3-12 Ibuprofen each day, and sometimes even that didn’t help.  My breaking point was when I woke up one morning and could not turn my neck.  After just one visit with Dena, my headache had dulled and I had a bit more range of motion in my neck.  Within a couple of weeks after beginning treatment, my headaches were gone and my neck felt better than it had in years – I was able to turn my head completely around without pain.  The more I saw her, the better I felt – she truly does amazing work.
Dena is a compassionate person who loves people and is clearly passionate about her work.  If you have back pain, neck pain, or headaches I can personally attest to how much better you’ll feel if you begin treatment with Dena.  I would recommend her to anyone, she is awesome!
 Jennifer Billings - Asheville, NC

When multiple doctors couldn't figure out what caused my chronic pain and fatigue, they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.  They prescribed me multiple pain medicines and antidepressants to help, but I chose to go the more natural route. Through chiropractic care, vitamins and exercise I have been able to maintain a somewhat manageable method of daily functioning. However, when I started visiting Dena, she began treating me with therapeutic bodywork and massage. My chronic back pain has greatly diminished and other areas of my body have improved as well. I don't hurt all the time anymore, and I'm able to be more athletic again. Out of all the methods I have tried to treat my chronic pain and fatigue, I've seen the best results from therapeutic bodywork and massage.
Rachel Lloyd Shumate - Shelby, NC

I am 44 years old and have a significant thoracic scoliosis (50 degrees +).  In the past decade, I have developed several areas of chronic pain and impaired use of my right arm.  I require regular and expert bodywork to be functional.

I have tried every conceivable type of bodywork with dozens of different practitioners.  Some of them have provided skilled care, some have been compassionate and nurturing, and a very few have actually reduced my pain.

Dena Frizsell has been my primary massage therapist for about two years.  She, alone, brings together all of the above qualities.  Dena is highly skilled in clinical massage.  She also creates a truly welcoming and restoring massage environment with her warm personality and perfect spa-like atmosphere.  Ultimately, Dena's therapy actually works.

Her touch is intuitive and deeply healing.  In every visit she cheerfully lifts away the pain burden that I carry.  Her care gives me far more confidence in a pain-free future.
Cybele Hetherington - Fairview, NC